Analysis on the current situation and Countermeasures of platinum resources in China


China is a large platinum consumer, but the supply is far less than the demand, and the external dependence is more than 90%. The important properties of platinum determine its important military use, and it is an indispensable material in national economy and national defense construction. Therefore, the shortage of platinum resources seriously threatens the economy and national defense security of our country. It is particularly urgent to seek the resources and production supply base of platinum abroad. 1. Resources and distribution of PGMS 1.1 the reserves of PGMS in the world are 66000 tons. South Africa has the largest platinum group metal reserves in the world, followed by Russia, the United States and Canada. The reserves of the four countries together account for 99% of the world's total reserves (Table 1). The world platinum group metal resources are estimated to be over 100000 tons.

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