Application of platinum group metal homogeneous catalyst


Platinum group metal homogeneous catalyst is a special kind of metal complex with homogeneous catalytic hydrogenation and carbonyl

 The functions of group addition reaction, acylation hydrogenation, olefin oxidation reaction, C-C synthesis reaction, etc. are applied in modern chemistry and manufacturing

 It has been widely used in pharmaceutical industry. The catalytic mechanism involved mainly includes oxidation addition, intramolecular weight arrangement

 Ligand migration, insertion and reduction are mainly divided into homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts.

 Among them, the research and application of heterogeneous catalysts have a long history of more than 100 years, mainly including heavy oil

 PT re / A1203 catalyst, Pt Pd Rh / A1203 automobile exhaust purification catalyst, terephthalic acid purification catalyst

 Pd / A1203 catalyst for hydrogen peroxide production by anthraquinone process, VOC

 Pt / Ti02 and other oxidation catalysts for purification. Platinum group metal homogeneous catalyst, due to its high catalytic efficiency and selection

 It has the advantages of good performance, wide range of applicable temperature, uniform catalysis, etc., and is rapidly applied in fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals and other industries 

At present, the related chemical synthesis is one of the hot spots in the application of PGMS.

 Homogeneous catalysts commonly used in industry are mainly used for hydrogenation of organic synthesis, carbonyl addition, acyl hydrogenation

 Reaction, olefin oxidation, C-C synthesis and other reactions. The reaction mechanism is that RH and PD belong to the second transition group

 When the metal is coordinated with π - acid ligand CO and PPH 3, the π * orbital of π - acid ligand can accept the enrichment of central ions

 D electrons form a feedback bond, so metal ions are usually in a low valence state, such as Rh (I), Pd (0), and their coordination configuration is usually

It is plane square type (such as Rh (PPh3) 3c1) and linear type (such as Pd (PPh3) 2). The complexes of these coordination configurations are composed of 

It is easy to react with H 2, C = C, CO and Rx to form six coordinated Rh (III) due to the unsaturated coordination

 Complexes with tetracoordinated PD (II). The coordination weakens H-H, C-C, c-0, R-X, and makes these

 The bond was activated and reacted. In the field of tail gas treatment, catalytic application of waste gas is also more extensive.

 It mainly uses the compounds of Pt, PD, Rh, and uses its catalytic activity to produce ternary and multi-component catalysts for waste treatment

Gas and related gas treatment, purification of air.

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